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onsdag 8. juli 2009


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tirsdag 7. juli 2009

Gallery other Poodles

Here are some dogs I have used to get new bloodlines

Håfveleds Coxy, silver miniature.
born 16. Sept. 1999 pedigree
owner: Annika Jakobsson, Sweden

Argosy Ad Astra, black miniature,
born 14. May 1978
owner: May-Britt Winger Karstensen, Norway
Sire: Am.Ch. Argosy Anchorman
Dam: Argosy Cecily TP.

Int.Nord.Ch. Stortuvans Texet Pommery,
black dwarfpoodle
born 11. March 1975
owner: May-Britt Winger Karstensen, Norway
Sire: S.Sf.Ch. Stortuvans Pom-Pom
Dam: Int.Nord.Ch. Texet Tin-Tin

Flundre-Vergun Johan-Patrik
silver, tiny dwarf male, he sired a litter with Lilleba's Line Eriksdatter.
Owner: Signe Persson from Udevalla, Sweden
He is born:31. October 1992
Sire:Example Eros-Nimbus
Dam:Atja Katjas Lisa
Photo from Signe Persson

Int.Nord.Ch. Char-K As You Like It, silver miniature
born 27. Jan 1977
owner: Kirsti Valtonen, Finland
Sire: Manorhill Keep in Touch
Dam: Am.Ch. Chanteclair Cassandra
Photo: Arno Martens

Int.Nord.Ch. Char-K AsYou Like It
photo from Kirsti Valtonen in 1978

Int.Nord.Ch. Frenrise Prince Kristoff,
black miniature, born 10. Febr. 1969
owner: Kerstin Grauers, Stortuvan Kennel, Sweden
Sire: Ch. Tarka of Montfleuri
Dam: Ch. Frenrise Princess Dalzelle
photo from 1975

Int.Nord.Ch. Bigwig of Countess, black miniature,
born 27. May 1972
owner: Ritta Liuksa, Finland
Sire: Int.Nord.Ch. Napoleon of Countess
Dam: Gigi of Countess

Gallery My Poodles

Here are some pictures of my Poodles, and also some I have sold.
Enjoy the history.

Dt.VDH.Ch. Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel (Martine) in Kassel 2000 pedigree
Photo: Eivor Bakken

Dt.VDH.Ch. Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel (Martine) photo in 2004

From left: Lilleba, Lilleba's Love and Delight and his father Int.N.Ch. Freeland's Floodlight
photo from 1985 taken in Oslo, just before the puppy went for his new home in Denmark.

N.Ch. Lilleba's Berita Cassio, black miniature, born 15. March 1977
owner: Vivian Johansen, Norway
Sire: N.S.Ch. Beritas Belafonte
Dam: Rakkisysla's Night Favourite

Breeder Class, Jessheim, Norway 1977
Photo: Paul Scott

Dt.VDH.Ch. Lilleba's Baywatch Silverguard,( Lasse )
also CC in Norway.

Ger.Fin.Dk.Ch. Lilleba's Crescendo Baywatch (Even) silver miniature, owner: Jytte Pfänner, Denmark, photo by owner

Int.N.Dk.Ch.Nord.Winner 2008 Lilleba's Silverboots (Terje) got his first CC in Letohallen 29. October 2006

Lilleba's Silver Example, Häsleholm 2003
owner: Signe Persson, Udevalla. Sweden

N.Ch. Lilleba's Bavel Fancy Free (Pippi), Champion in 3 shows in 1979, Owner: Berit Ellevold, Norway
Sire: Int.Nord.Ch. Stortuvans Texet Pommery
Dam: N.Ch. Lilleba's Bavel Breda

Same poodle as above, here on her first hunt, as a puppy. A real duck hunter. The instinct is in order.

Char-K Kimberly, photo taken 1979

In 1979 I sold Lilleba's Bavel Fancy Barbet to Finland. She became Champion in Finland.
Sire: Ch. Stortuvans Texet Pommery
Dam: N.Ch. Lilleba's Bavel Breda

Dt.VDH.Ch. Lilleba's Baywatch Silverguard, (Lasse) silver miniature,
born 17. March 1998
owner: Eivor O. Bakken, Norway

Ger.Fin.Dk.Ch. Lilleba's Crescendo Baywatch (Even)

From behind: Ch. Romar's Alliance, Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher and Lilleba's Silverboots. Photo by Signe Persson, Sweden, 2006

onsdag 18. februar 2009

2015 - 2016

I am going to end my life with poodles after a while now..
At the moment I have 3 poodles + 2 adoptive poodles of my breeding.
The oldest is Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher ( Anders )
Anders is 16 years old now in 2016
Then I also still have INT/NO/DK CH NORDV Lilleba's Silverboots (Terje)
Terje is 11 years old in 2016
Also CIB/NO/HU/CZ CH Silver Joker Roy Rocky  (Rocky)
Rocky will be 8 years old in 2016
Lilleba's Silver If You Please ( Einar )
Einar was 14 years old in 2016
Lilleba's Silver Safir (Safir)
Safir was 11 years old in 2016

2004 - 2014

Here you will find short pedigrees of my oldest dogs.
Younger dogs will be linked to their pedigree in

From left in the middle:
Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher
in front:
Int.N.Dk.Ch. Nord.Winner 2008 Lilleba's Silverboots ( Sam's son )
Behind right:
Int. Nord. Ch. N.Dk. S.Ch.N.V.2005
Romar's Alliance

Photo: Signe Persson 2006

In 2004 Romar's Alliance (Sam) came into my life. A beautiful platinum silver, born in Ireland, breeder: Michelle du Plessis. I am grateful for this wonderful boy ! He is prcd-A

N.Dk.Ch. N.Winner 2005 Romar's Alliance
(Sam),born 20 March 2003 , dead 17. December 2008

His blog HERE
Take a look at movie show results andpedigree

This was the show where Romar's Alliance got his Norwegian Championship.

2005, From left: Elisabeth Sørensen BOB with Int.N.S.Ch. Escada Silver Breeze, judge: Mikael Nilsson, Sweden, BOS is N.Dk.Ch.N.Vinner 2005 Romar's Alliance

Videos with him
here from 6. of May 2006
here in NKK Bergen 2005
Escada Silver Breeze became mostwinning dwarfpoodle in Norway 2005, and
Romar's Alliance became mostwinning dwarf male poodle in Norway 2005, beaten by 1 point :)

In 2005 I kept a son from Sam, he is Lilleba's Silverboots (Terje) prcd-A by parents

He has by now CC from show.

Lilleba's Silverboots (Terje)
born 10. April 2005
movie of him here

Lilleba's Silverboots (Terje) photo 2006 by Signe Persson
His father below.

25. February 2007, Sam got his CC in Finland, judge: Nancy Smidth Hafner, USA.
Handler: Johanna Kauranen, Finland.
Sam was living with Kirsti Valtonen, Finland.

N.Dk.Fin.Ch.Nord.Ch. N.Winner 2005Romar's Alliance in Finland 25.Febr 2007
Photo received from Johanna Kauranen

6. October 2007
Romar's Alliance got his last CACIB in Sweden, judge: Tiina Taulos. He is now also an International Champion ! I am proud of this little guy :)

Int.Nord.Ch. NV 2005 Romar's Alliance
Photo: Bertil Samuelsson

Int.Nord.Ch. NV 2005, Romar's Alliance, Photo: May-Britt Winger Karstensen

1993 - 2003

In 1994 I kept Lilleba's Line Eriksatter. She became mother of 4 champions in her 2 litters, and 3 of her other offsprings got CK ( certificatequality), out of total 8 puppies

Lilleba'sLine Eriksdatter (Line), born 24. April 1994, dead 21. February 2009

Line's Daughter, Dt.VDH.Ch. Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel, a very special poodle female in my life.
tested prcd-B

Dt.VDH. Ch.Lilleba's Guardian Silveangel (Martine) she also got CC in Norway,
born 17. March 1998 Photo: Eivor Bakken

All her littermates of 4, 3 became champions, except 1, and he got CC quality :)

Dt.VDH Ch. Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel,
photo 2000
born 17. March 1998

In 1999 I kept the only daughter of Lilleba's Christina Eriksdatter, her name is
Lilleba's Silvertears in Heaven. She is a blue miniature female,
tested prcd-A

Lilleba's Silvertears in Heaven (Sissel)
born 6. May 1999

Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher, a silver dwarf male, was born in 2000, and I kept him.
He loves the showring. He is a rather small dwarfpoodle.
prcd-A tested.

Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher, photo 2005

Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher (Anders),
born 4. April 2000

Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher

Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher


Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher

1982 - 1992

The first dog I imported in this epoke was

Freeland Fretwell D'Manorhil,silver miniature male.

He came from Monique Devine, USA
He was about two years when he came to me.
He was supposed to return to his American owner, so it was said, but when the time came, I was happy she changed her mind and let me keep him.
He sired champions:
1. Ch. Freeland's Francesca
2. Ch. Freeland's Francisco

Freeland Fretwell D Manorhil (Frankie)
born 16. June 1980

My next dog was my own breeding. She was
N. Ch. For Your Eyes Only, black miniature female.

N.Ch. Lilleba's For Your Eyes Only (Bitte)
born 20.October 1982

N.Ch. Lilleba's For Your Eyes Only (Bitte)

2. May 1982 I had my first brood bitc class with silver miniatures in Eidsvoll.
Judge: Ebba Aalegaard, DK.
from left: Char K-kimberly, the mother of the class, then
Lilleba's Char-K Classic Touch, Lilleba's Silver Sojourn, Lilleba's Silver Catarina, Lilleba's Silver Lilly, and Lilleba's Fanny Glick

The first brood bitch class ever, in silver miniatures in Norway 1982

One more picture

In 1983 I got a silver miniature male from Monique Devine, USA. His name was Int.N.Ch. Freeland's Floodlight. He became N.Ch. in 53 days !
He became a very special friend. He sired 9 champions:
1. Ch. Agras Maestro
2. Ch. Agras Master Piece
3. Ch. Veralyns Platina
4. Ch. Veralyns Quicksilver
5. Ch. Quinton aus Colonia de Agrippina ( Ch in 3 countries, 3 BOB )
6. Ch. Quentina aus Colonia de Agrippina ( Ch in 2 countries, 10 BOB )
7. Ch. Filius aus Colonia de Agrippina ( Ch in 6 countries, 14 BOB )
8. Ch. Ophelia aus Colonia de Agrippina ( 4 BOB )
9. Ch. Apolet American Dream

Int.N.Ch. Freeland's Floodlight (Eric),
born 3. Nov. 1982, died 30.July 1998

Int.N.Ch. Freeland's Floodlight, picture taken, almost 16 years...
Photo: Linda Gravesen